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Spark Manager Feature Request

In a future release can you put a UNC path in for the update download instead of HTTP.

We use DFS for software installs to put people to the closest server this would help a ton!


Thanks for the great product!

Can you explain how this would work in more detail? I guess it would mean entering a custom base URL for the download location?



I dont know if Java can access UNCs directly, but if it can, I bet they are treated as local files. So requesting H:\dir\file would be the same as
server\share\dir\file . I think his request then is to have the upgrade path be a local file then, instead of a URL? Just a guess…

Thats correct, rather than referenceing it via HTTP just use a UNC location, this way I can point them to the replicated copy thats in the same site as they are.

If you have the network share on a common drive letter, I think Java will let you use the URL file:///X|/path/whatever (I think thats the syntax for using drive letters)

I dont know if there is a way to mix the file:/// URL with UNC’'s though. I suppose it should map file://host/path/whatever to
host\path\whatever but thats only a guess (I dont run Windows, so someone else would need to check)