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Spark Manager for a newbie

Hi Guys

Sorry another newbie question, what exactly is Spark Manager ??

I just after some details with regards to what it can do or allows you to do ect ect…

I assume its a plug-in for Wildfire(openfire) ??

Spark Manager is a plugin for Openfire that controls the updates that Spark sees.

Basically, you install the plugin on your Openfire server and place the installer for Spark into resources\spark\builds. Then you go into the Openfire admin tool and choose client settings. Now select the build you want to push out and click Update client list.

From now on, Spark clients that log into the Openfire server will check for updates against Spark Manager and the version you installed in resources\spark\builds. It is a much appreciated tool for many in the community and we greatly appriciate the decision to update it for use with Openfile.