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Spark Manager for openfire 3.3.0

Can, someone PLEASE update the spark manager 1.1.0 plugin to be compatible with the new openfire release?? PLEASE?? For those of us that do not yet own enterprise, but heavily rely on having the ability of stopping all the external traffic from clients getting updates, and notifications constantly, when an update might be in their best interest…Plus the added benefit of letting them get the update right from our own internal server instantly… I understand that it has been integrated into enterprise, but I am really hoping someone could possibly change the few bits of code to make the old pugin work for the rest of us… Did I mention PLEASE!! If someone could do this for me I would owe you one…

A second vote for updating Spark Manager for Openfire. It has been great for deploying the new versions of Spark.

Guys, it’'s like asking MS to get rid of Genuine Advantage. Sparka Manager functions are included in Enterprise plugin, so 99% there is no way for Spark Manager to be available again. And for free.

Hey all,

Unfortunately, the old Spark manager breaking is something we didn’'t anticipate during the rename process – but basically all the old plugins broke. I would hope that if the feature is really that valuable, you guys could use it as a justification for getting budget at your companies to buy the Enterprise edition. We definitely need support from all of you! We make pretty massive investments in Open Source development and none of that could exist without paying customers.



P.S. wroot – somehow I don’‘t really like the Microsoft genuine advantage comparison, but I know what you’'re getting at.

@matt, I will pay you to fix it for me… we ARE currently evaluating this for purchase, as we are in a school system, our new money does not come for a few more months now… I have been bringing the things to the table with spark and such that currently was preventing me from even doing a presentation to our superintendant (also the technology director)… I didn’'t want the bugs that I was experiencing to cause me to get turned down for my request for funding on this venture… If I show it to him, he will most likely get a feel of how it is working for the group of people I have testing it right now…Derek fixed one of the biggest nagging problems for me with names showing up incorrectly in spark… I have up to 1000 users that will be using the system if I go totally “full go” with this… which means that there is big money involved coming out of our next year budget if we go with this… sorry to go a little off topic… so back to it being a money issue then… how much will you guys charge me then for this small fix??

P.S. let me know how to get the money to whomever… paypal, etc…

otherwise I am basically stuck at 3.2.4 forever… at least until I hopefully can get some budget for this… It is a very bad time for us right now… we are in the middle of going completely fiber in our whole district and to our ISP…$$$, but more importantly, we are and have been for the last 3 months “OUT” of contract with our current ISP and are paying heavily for every MEG of bandwidth we use right now… so outside updating would get my ass handed to me right now if I let every client get a 10+ meg download through all the updated versions, so spark manager is saving my ass, and preventing me from never even having the chance to ask for budget money for software techonologies… At least wroot has a valid point about making it be our choice with the updates feature (via a config, or checkbox)… as per : http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=25872&tstart=25


Got your email, will reply to you that way. Of course we’'d like to help you guys out if at all possible.



matt wrote:

P.S. wroot – somehow I don’‘t really like the Microsoft genuine advantage comparison, but I know what you’'re getting at.

I know it sounds harsh But couldnt think of any other comparison that moment

I used the Spark Manager to block the upgrade messages since my users have no admin rights to their machines. I would do this manually when they needed the upgrade and now they will be getting a message repeatedly to upgrade with no options to say “NO DON’'T ASK AGAIN!”.

Make that three votes for Spark Manager. Our users are allowed to setup Spark themselves, and have not needed to, or been instructed to, setup their proxy settings. So my Spark installations do not currently have access to the Internet to be able to download updates directly. I rely on Spark Manager to distribute updates in the most hassle-free way possible.

A four vote for updating Spark Manager for Openfire.

Make me vote #5. I will not be upgrading to Openfire 3.3.0 very soon unless the Spark Manager plugin is fixed. We simply cannot afford to go enterprise. Is there anyway a free version can be made available. Maybe with limited functionality?

Vote number 6 for an updated SparkManager. Enterprise is just not going to get approved here in the next 12-18 months. I could probably get the money for a one time fee, if it is reasonable. If I can’‘t get a solution, I’'m going to have to block the site at my firewall. After reviewing the update code on the SVN…its the ingniterealtime.com site, so it will end up blocking this site all together…not what I want to do, but needed, especially since you are moving to smaller, more frequent updates.

An alternative would be to have a way to disable updates all together. Every well behaved piece of software out there with Auto-update functionality has a way to turn it off. I’'ve always been amazed that Spark does not.


Could someone please, anyone out there with the experience, try to develop a plugin similar to the spark manager, that could be shared amongst the masses?? Open-Source… And while I would normally thank the person who seemingly reversed engineered the spark manager and made it work with openfire 3.3.0 and emailed it to me… I tried it, and YES it did work, and YES I promptly deleted it… I don’‘t want someone else’'s stolen or reverse engineered code…I want it (spark manager on openfire), but NOT that bad…well yes, that bad… but I am NOT THAT GUY… If it was an open source plugin I would have not minded, but please respect the author as to his work… I will however be glad to test other plugins from anyone that might step up to trying to make their OWN!! I hope that just maybe if enough people voice their opinion on this matter then maybe the devs will come through for us and make the changes to the old plugin… “Fingers Crossed”… Only time will tell on this one… And to all the above people that replied… thanks for your support on this topic… wherever it goes!!

Andy250 wrote:

An alternative would be to have a way to disable updates all together. Every well behaved piece of software out there with Auto-update functionality has a way to turn it off. I’'ve always been amazed that Spark does not.

So maybe we should vote for this:


Spark Manager reviving looks hopeless too me

I also think Spark Manager is needed. This feature is not enough to justify the expense of enterprise. Given how often the Spark client changes, a built in distribution method is hightly desireable.

Also, Ignite Realtime’‘s site still purports that it is available, implying that it works and is available. This should be updated if it won’'t be made to work with Openfire.

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a “reversed engineered the spark manager” if still much finer than a reversed engineered enterprise plugin so I wonder how hard it will be for Igniterealtime.org to release a free plugin.

As I did post in the other thread admins with proxy servers may partly fix this problem. A modified /etc/file with “ www.jivesoftware.com” and a local webserver on the proxy which handles requests for http://www.jivesoftware.com:9090/plugins/enterprise/getspark?client=spark_2_5_1_ beta1.exe will save the bandwidth but if one delivers none or an old version Spark will still check every ?day/?startup for a new version. And one can no longer access http://www.jivesoftware.com/ using this proxy.


Hey guys,

We’‘re definitely listening to the feedback and one thing we don’‘t like is having a feature that people feel forced into Enterprise for. We’'re discussing things internally and will post up more tomorrow. Hopefully good news for you guys.


This sounds like hopefully some GREAT news coming… fingers crossed!! Thanks for your reply matt!!

Thanks for listening. It is good to be part of a community that listens to the end users and take their concerns and issues seriously.

Thanks for the feedback, Matt. I’‘m glad you’'re re-considering the tool. Having features only available in Enterprise is to be expected. What was frustrating to me is to have a really good tool taken away without even a mention of it, and after realizing the oversight, to suggest we pay to get it back. If many companies are like mine, we have a yearly budget cycle, so it would mean waiting until 2008 to have funds to replace a tool that disappeared without warning.