Spark Manager Problem

I set my client for Windows to 1.1.9 and when I click update, then click on the link to download, I am prompted to download 2.0.0 Beta. I did download this install and put it in the correct directory, but I do not want it to be active yet. Please advise.

Correction, the file name that it prompts me to download is the 2.0.0 beta, but it actually installs the 1.1.9. Wierd.

I had problems with that as well. It seems that Spark 2.0beta is versioned as 1.1.9. So Spark Manager keeps thinking it needs to be updated. That’'s my take on it, anyway. My solution was to remove the Spark Manager plugin.

Yeah, I just realized that now. So I am downloading and installing the beta, but the title bar is 1.1.9… Thanks for the fast reply.


Figured it out.

Did you actually get it to work correctly (and if so, how)? Or did you just abandon Spark Manager?

You just have to rename the spark_2_0_0_beta.exe in the Wildfire\resources\spark\builds folder to spark_1_1_9.exe

then make sure you reconfigure the spark manager to select the right version.

It works for me.