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Spark Manager/Update Notification

I was just notified that there was an update available when I started my Spark client. I do not have the new version in Spark Manager. In the admin console, I show this info:

spark.client.downloadURL https://My.Server.IP:9091/plugins/sparkmanager/getspark

spark.windows.client spark_1_0_2.exe

But I was just prompted to upgrade to 1.0.3.

How is that possible? This must be changed. I can’'t have my users updating Spark until I set the new version in Spark Manager.


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Hi Revermeys,

It sounds like Spark is not “discovering” your SparkManager. Could you follow these steps to allow me to investigate.

  1. Log into spark.

  2. Press F12. This brings up a chat debugger.

  3. In Spark, do a “Check For Updates”

  4. Cut and paste the text from the “Raw Sent Packets” and “Raw Received Packets” tabs.

I’'ll take a look at this right away.



Hi, I have same problem.

In the DEBUG window I see this:

IQ Sent (class=org.jivesoftware.smackx.packet.DiscoverItems)

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I think, that this error is because I didn’'t modify DNS records. When the Spark starts, it use SERVER NAME that came from server, not a server name that Spark use to connect.

UGH. Good catch bednov. That is exactly the issue in Spark. I have filed SPARK-160 to track this and will be doing a 1.0.4 release to get the fix in. I think what will need to happen to have this working for everyone, is to manually update the user base to 1.0.4 if SparkManager is not working. From then on though, the fixes will be in on both sides. Thanks so much for the DEBUG text Helps everytime.



It is another way.

I manually add to the DNS server a record, that contains server name (service name).

The problem gone, because server name will be same as DNS name.

It works very well.

Thanks for this program. It’'s the best what I can see.

Good to hear. I did make the fix anyway