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Spark + maxi vista problem/bug

I use maxi vista to spread my desktop to another pc’s screen + remote control. Spark doesn’t react very well when activating maxi vista though and I end up having to kill the process and restart it to get it back in working order. Here’s the scenario:

primary pc = windows server 2003, spark 2.5.8, maxi vista “master” 3.0.28

secondary pc = windows xp pro, maxi vista “viewer” = 3.0.28

So I start up both pcs, spark is set to auto start, and it does just fine. I can use it no problem. maxi vista is not configured to connect both pcs together at startup, but the server and client both start. At this point spark reacts fine, however if I select “Activate remote control mode” on maxi vista, I get control of the secondary, and the right click/double left clicks on spark icon in they systray don’t work anymore. Actually the right click still works, but the context menu shows up on the extended desktop screen (which isn’t visible at this point, but I can switch to it to exit spark at least), the double left click really doesn’t do anything.

This is probably more generally related to a secondary monitors coming in and out of existence, but this is the exact scenario that I’m experiencing problems with. I’ve attached the screenshot of the right click bringing up the context menu on the extended desktop as described.

For a start, you can try the latest SVN version http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822 of Spark to check if this problem still exist. Your issie could be related to SPARK-882