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Spark msi

Guys, I dont wanna sound too patronising, but who made the spark 2.0.5 msi? Its absolutely terrible! There are HKCU reg keys in it, there are also msn messenger reg keys in it for Gods sake! The shortcuts in it are named ‘‘Spark.exe’’! Who has shortcuts named after the file extension they are pointing to? Surely ‘‘Spark’’ would have sufficed!?

Ive been making msi’‘s (of all variety) for a while, and ive made an msi for every version of spark from version 1.1.4. If you want any advice, or need any help with the msi’'s feel free to email me, ive quite often got some spare time to lend

Hi James,

I am the one who makes the MSI builds. The HKCU key for Spark is for the launching at startup and why the MSN messenger keys are there, I don’'t know. As for the shortcut name, i can go ahead and change that as well. These are our first shots at an MSI build, and they will be improving over time, so keep the feedback coming.



Would you be able to offer any advice on how to deploy the .msi files? I’‘m trying to silently install them on our clients using the following command “msiexec /i spark.msi transforms=spark.mst” and the install fails. The problem is that the initial dialog box is displayed and not bypassed by the MST settings. Are there any good free tools for creating MSTs for MSI files? Currently I’‘m using Wise InstallTailor and it doesn’‘t seem to be working. Any help’'s appreciated.

Try Orca.exe by Microsoft

It works well for rummaging through msi/msp/mst files and creating/editing/merging them as well.

You have to D/L it from the MSDN website.

Here’'s the download I used to not have to D/L the entire Windows 2003 R2 PSDK: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=0BAF2B35-C656-4969-ACE8 -E4C0C0716ADB&displaylang=en

After D/L and running the installer, unselect all the other components (unless you want them of course) and just install the Windows Installer SDK. I’‘m not sure if you need the WHOLE Windows Installer package either, but it’'s not too big, so whatever.

What I did is download the whole Windows Installer PSDK and then ran the orca.msi install.

I presume here that you are using a form of microsoft server product. My advice, and the way i deploy software:

Create a new share on the server called something like software

Inside the share create a new folder called spark and copy the msi into that folder

Now create a new group policy in active directory on the root OU that contains the computers that you want to install the msi. Call it something like computer software.

Right click and edit the policy. Then follow this article from the point ‘‘creating the GPO’’:

http://www.windowsdevcenter.com/pub/a/windows/2006/11/14/how-to-deploy-software- using-group-policy.html

The diagram shows you how to select a new package to deploy to clients. Once you click new --> package a window opens asking for you to browse for the msi file. You must deploy software from a unc path, not a mapped drive on the server. So, in the open dialogue box you must type
nameofserver\nameof share then browse for you msi and apply it.

Good luck!

Hi James,

I modified the source code of spark 2.5.8. and i am trying to create a instalation setup. i did spark installler with install4j software.

please can you help me to make spark instalation setup using MSI.

we install the msi like above and then have a batch file copy the customized .jar files over. I am working on packaging our updates seperatly using advanced installed so gpo will deply spark.msi and then deploy my custom.msi to brand our client. The only files that I change are spark.jar and you can repackage it using pack200 in linux, so one you copy the .pack over it will redeploy the jar and the client is branded.

Hey guys…

I have also been attempting a way to deploy spark via MSI, and I am running into an issue with the MSIs that were posted. When I perform the install, it wipes out the java build that already exists. Anyone else run into this? I have attempted to make my own MSIs and have had the same problem.

Any advice would be great…

Update: Found that the problem was not related to spark - turns out the image I was testing with had a recent copy of java on it that got broken by a group policy install. Lesson learned - never assume your test box is “error free”…

I began to roll out spark and am pleased thus far!


I am in the exact same boat as you :slight_smile:

did you ever find a way to make a MSI from the source code ?

I use advanced installer to edit the msi and make it whatever I want. The free version will not allow editing but the paid version of advanced installer is very nice and if you are a system admin it will help in more areas than spark.

hi this is kisub

I had read some articles in spark site.
I guess you suceeded on building MSI.
I had tried to build msi file using spark.aip with java 6.
It causes the following message " File [Programme\Java\jre6\bin\awt.dll] could not be read." while building msi with Advanced Installer 7.0.1 Trial version.

This is the step that I had done.

  1. modify advanced installer directory to my system(C:\ in build.xml

*************************** Advanced Installer Error message **********************************
Creating CAB file(s)… error.
Exception - Reason: Error opening file: Programme\Java\jre6\bin\awt.dll.

Build finished because an error was encountered.

Do you have any idea what is wrong?
Is it wrong with java setting? or Is it issue with Advanced installer? or build.xml to modify?

Thanks for your answer in advance.

kisub, Hello. The Advanced Installer file, /spark/build/installer/spark.aip (or the template which ends in .tmpl), is coded to look for the Java install at this location.

See this message http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/197466 where i commented on this same issue. Basically, you need to create the paths on your computer.

I have been able to successfully build the MSI from the HEAD of SVN. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.