Spark MSI

Hi i would like create a spark msi wiith eclipse 3.3 and advanced installer

But i have a message error its :

installer.msi: [c-main] Advanced Installer version 6.2 [exec] Usage: [exec] AdvancedInstaller.exe <path_to_project_file> [exec] AdvancedInstaller.exe /help [<command>] | /? [<command>] [exec] AdvancedInstaller.exe /build <path_to_project_file> [-buildslist <builds_list>] [-force] [exec] AdvancedInstaller.exe /edit <path_to_project_file> <command> [exec] AdvancedInstaller.exe /execute <path_to_project_file> <command_file_path> [-nofail] [exec] SetPackageName command: [exec] /SetPackageName <file_path> [-buildname <build_name>] [-withjre] BUILD FAILED C:\Documents and Settings\Dev\workspace\spark\build\build.xml:463: exec returned: -536805276


build.xml :

<exec executable="${advinst.path}\" failonerror="true"> <arg line="/edit build\installer\spark.aip"></arg> <arg line="/SetPackageName ${win.msi.withjre} -withjre"></arg> </exec>_

Can you explain my error ?



Nobody can help me ?

There is some kind of issue with using newer versions of Advanced installer and compiling spark. I found that if you remove the lines from the build.xml that it will run. If you want to have more options I suggest using the GUI version of Advanced installer as it will build it and allows more customization.

This is what my build.xml looks like when i get it to work.



i create a msi via Advanced Installer 6.5.2, but i have a problem.

If i open the .msi file i see the following message:

“This package was created with a trial version of Advanced Installer.You may use it for evaluation purpose only.”

I hope,somebody can help me!!!


Jens Lehmann

2 ways of solving problem …\

Buy your Advanced Installer OR download a Crack file for it … thats all.

use Advanced Installer 6.2.

All works fine. And don’t forget to save your project to folder with writing rights