Spark MUC nickname bug


I noticed the following bug in Spark 3.0.2, using with OpenFire server having account editing disabled. Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Open File->Edit my profile
  2. Change nickname to anything else
  3. Click on save
  4. A dialog will show there is an error (because of the read only server setting)
  5. Join to a multi user chat
  6. Notice that, self name changed to the same what was set in the nickname field, in spite of the error and the server setting.
    Expected: not to change, keep the original one.
    Thank you for investigating this issue.


Thanks for the detailed steps to reproduce this bug

Yes, now Spark saves profiles locally on the client and then tries to save them on the server. That’s why you meet this bug. It will be fixed in nightly builds, try to install a nightly build and reproduce this bug please.

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Thank you for the quick answer, i can confirm this bug is not present in the current (2023-05-12 v 3.0.3) nightly build.