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Spark Multiple Login Issue?

Hello and thanks for reading my post.

I am running the BETA release of CUPS 8.0 that utilizes the XMPP platform and supports multiple XMPP clients.

I have tested Pidgin, Adium and a few others without issue. We also use Spark for our internal Jabber (Openfire) server and it works fine.

My issue is when trying to logon to the CUPS server for IM and hopefully Voice integration, when logging in I receive “Unable to login due to account already signed in” error message.

I can see the request hitting the CUPS box. If I intentionally mess up the password while logging in on the Spark client I see the failure within Active Directory which is where we are authenticating, so I know that communication is happening from Client>Server>LDAP. Is it seeing my Domain User account as logged in somehow? How is Spark throwing this error when I am not logged in on the CUP server?

If anyone can help me out as to how to get Spark working that woudl be great.

Thanks In Advance,