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Spark nesting

Copying from locked thread. Havent time to check it in Beta 3, but there were no reply or JIRA issue. So:

Nesting. I have group “test” with group name as “one :: two” and a few contacts in there. So in Spark i see group “one” and a line “There are no online contacts in this group”. Though there are no contacts in group “one”. Well, there is no real group “one”, but it could be, and it could be empty, just for a hierarchy. So it’'s not nice to have such lines all the way through the roster.

One more thing. I have created group nest-main with group name nest-main (added some contacts). Then i created group nest-sub with group name nest-main :: nest-sub (some ocntacts).

So now i see:




There are no online contacts in this group



Not good. I want nest-sub to be a part of real nest-main, and not to create fake root groups. Exodus handles this better.

2.5.0b4: still there


Another problem. I have unchecked “Show empty groups” in Spark. So it doesnt show nest-main and nest-sub groups. Then i login with a user which is in nest-sub group. Nest-main and nest-sub appears in Roster. It’'s ok. Then i logout that user, nest-sub dissapears, but nest-main is still here with a line “there are no online contacts in this group”. So i need to check/uncheck this option again or relogin to get rid of that group.

This is a major issue in our environment. Or we should get rid of nesting. But our users were using nesting for 2 years. Not so simple.

  • Show empty groups


  • Group offline contacts

has no affect on fake root groups, this group will always be shown with a “There are no online contacts in this group”.

Hi Wroot,

SPARK-709 was filed to fix this issue. Will need to add some logic are the concept of a “fake” group, since by initial design, the idea was to allow users to copy or move users into any of the hierarchal groups.



I understand this is complex issue. But our roster is based on this.

Btw, is it possible to change divider sign to just “/”, or make ir configurable in Spark, so it would be easier to set up and i wount have to change all my groups And one user has reported to me that he had problems doing nesting with deep of 4 and more groups using " :: " in Openfire. But i havent tested that yet.