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Spark - new messages appear under old date

Hello - I’m new to spark. I’ve rolled it out in my small office but I seem to have a small problem. When a user receives a message, and views the window the new date is not listed. The message appears under the last old date of a previous conversation. If the receiver of the message closes the spark window and reopens it (by double clicking the name of the sending person) the message will now be listed under the current date.

It’s distracting for some of our users because it appears that the message is an old one, but in reality it’s a new message but Spark hasn’t properly put the header date in the IM window.

I did some searching, but could not find evidence of this being a prior issue or a mistake on configuration. The only thing I could suggest to resolve it is to disable chat history (which is an option, but not the one I want to use).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You can just disable showing previous conversations in chat window (History would still be available). Time stamp of a new incoming messages is in red, so you can distinguish previous messages from the current. I agree that this could be confusing. So i have filed SPARK-1128 a while ago. But i suggested to add a divider, not a date stamp. This issue is not an error but a design choice. Last conversations has date stamps, because they are pulled from the History. Current messages don’t have date stamp. This is how it was programmed initially. Personally i would agree to have a date stamp for messages, though maybe adding a divider could be easier.