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Spark no longer showing Transport icons in menu bar

Im using spark 2.5.8 and OpenFire 3.4.5 on Windows 2003 server

ever since upgrading to OpenFire 3.4.5 it seems as if im no longer able to see the icons in spark for the transports along the top menu bar of Spark (to the right of View Tasks and View Notes etc)… Also when i goto add contacts it no longer allows me to choose to add a contact to an external network (like ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, etc)…

i still see the transports for ICQ and MSN showing up in my buddy list (roster?) and im still able to contact people through the transports… but this reduced functionality in Spark is frustrating

i havent changed any settings on the server since this worked, except for upgrade to 3.4.5 (altho im not 100% sure thats when this started happening… its the only thing i’ve changed since the last time i know it was working)

i’ve tried restarting both the server and the client many times… no luck

any ideas?

Are you sure you gateway plugin is working? It may need to be upgraded or replaced.