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Spark not allowing an specific user




I am using spark and openfire. It is connected to our LDAP and everything is working fine.
But there is an specific user that can’t login.

His AD account is with the same configuration than others.
When I list the users in spark Admin Console, his user has a red asterisk besides his name.

Does anyone know what it means?



Are you sure they are the same? Say open 782183 and this one side by side in AD and compare their Account tabs. You can also enable Attributes tab and compare attributes for both users.


I deleted the AD user and create again and worked.
Anyway, do you know what this red sign means?

Kind regards.


It means problems with username. In XMPP username consists of user@domain. So normal users in your case have 7xxxxx@domain username. User list shows just first part for convenience. But in this case your user would have username 7xxxxx@scaserver.hrbr.local@domain, which is not correct and it shows it with red asterisk.