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Spark not re-appearing from sys tray

I need some assistance - I have a few computers that when you click on the X button in Spark, the contact list minimizes to the System Tray. They are able to still receive messages and respond. However, when they double click on the icon, the contact list does not reappear. It actually creates more Spark.exe processes in the Task Manager. The main one is usually about 10,000Kbps, the rest range from 2000 to 3000kbps. I close these smaller ones, then I right click on the Spark icon on the systray, click on Hide, then I click on Open. The contact list opens again. (I learned this by playing around a lot). Attempting to re-open it from Program Files or the shortcut icon on the desktop does’t work.

I actually have one station that is doing this every time the program is X’ed out. I saw that this issue has been reported but not able to be duplicated. I"m not a programmer of any sort but perhaps I can help someone gather the necessary data to fix this issue once and for all?

BTW, the version is 2.5.7. I haven’t upgraded it yet.

Hi Megan,

are you using the MSI or EXE installer?

Clicking on “Spark.exe” launches every time a new Spark process, but this process usually detects that Spark is already running and then terminates itself. So one may wonder why this fails on some clients.


I used the MSI file to distribute the program. I could try uninstalling it and reinstalling it with the exe file. See if that remedies the issue.