Spark not running with ordinary users


I have installed openfire and spark quite easily and whilst logged in as a domain admin such as myself it runs fine. However, when I log in as a member of staff (without domain admin rights) it wont run. There is no error message just nothing happens at all. I can run the program using the “run as” option with admin credentials.

Any Ideas?



What installer file did you use the MSI or the EXE?

When logged in as a domain user does spark create a preference folder in that user’s profile folder?

If the folder is there try deleting it and restarting spark. If you used the MSI try unistalling it and re-install using the EXE.

Try one possible fix at a time.

Hi…Firstly thanks for the reply. I have used the .exe file to install on the clients logged in as a domain admin user. Then when I go in as a normal user nothing happens whatsoever. I have looked for the preference folder but nothing is there apart from c:\program files\spark…

There is definately some GPO (windows 2k3) policy that is stopping it but I cant find it.


Finding the policy should not be too difficult. To test if it is a computer level policy vs user policy (hopefully you are not using combined policies, bad form there), create a new domain user in the default AD Users folder This should place the user outside the effects of all but teh Default Domain Policy. If that user can run spark on the afflicted computer then it is a user policy. Limit your search to the user policies. Most likely you have a policy that lists approved applications that can be run.

Hi, Funnily enough I was starting down that route when you replied back. I have created a blank policy so to speak and added a brand new user in there and so far works. I have started to implement one by one the original policy settings and so far all is good. I am now probably suspecting it may have been a corrupt policy or something. i will let you know tomorrow how it goes when I have finished putting the settings back.

Thanks for you time and effort.


Ok, Im getting to the stage I know where the problem is. We have folder redirection setup and this is where it falls down. So I am trying to figure a way around this then.