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Spark not showing Yahoo contacts

We had a server crash and since the rebuilt the Yahoo contacts do not show on Spark. Yahoo does log me off due to signing in on another device.

Also the Yahoo contacts that do show up come up in an “unfiled” group. I have moved them to my “work” and then when I sign in and out again they yahoo dissappear again

I do get incoming IM’s from Yahoo clients though.

Any ideas?

Openfire, Spark and Kraken plugin’s are the same after the rebuilt?

It seems that Yahoo ver. 10 is not supported by Windows server 2003 so we are going back to Yahoo Ver 9 and hope for resolution

Per Yahoo Customer Service

I reinstaller Ver 9 and SOme of my Yahoo contacts come back . But they appear in a new group “unfiled”

I move them to my Work group andwhen I sign out and back in the go back into the unfiled group

I don’t get it, so are you using Spark or original Yahoo client? Anyway, if you are using Kraken plugin (because IM Gateway is old and obsolete) and you have problems with yahoo protocol changes, then you may try latest beta of Kraken or ask on its forums http://kraken.blathersource.org/

I am using spark, but while I am having probelsm with Yahoo on spark I am using the original version of Yahoo. For some reason I had to add all of my IM contacts from my address book to the IM side of Yahoo messenger.

After I had done the at closed Yahoo and started Spark. When Yahoo contacts show up on Spark now the show up in “unfiled” group. I move them to the “work” group. When I log back into Saprk the Yahoo contacts show up as “unfiled”: again.