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Spark on Citrix/Terminal Server

My corporation has decided that Spark is the way to go and from my laptop, I agree, but from my Citrix server farm, Spark (or I) needs help. Corporate has few users on Citrix and my location is 94% Citrix via thin clients (no desktops). The servers are running Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 on W2k3 and W2k servers.

The first user works without issue, but as more users try to use Spark and the same server, many issues with the conversation windows start occurring. Soome users get a conversation window, but no text ever shows up and other never even get the conversation window to pop up.

Are there any hints on making Spark place nice on Citrix?

You might do some research on java apps in general, since the biggest memory hog here is really the JVM itself. And each user get’s their own JVM, so this isnt really a problem specific to Spark, but all Java based apps. Does Citrix provide any hits for using Java in its environment?