Spark on debian squeeze dont connect under non root users

Hello !

I have a little problem with spark on debian squeeze. i installed the debian package of latest release. after chmod 777 on /usr/share/spark/resources/ and running it under a normal user (not root) it starts fine. If i want to connect it shows in the login mask:

authenticating … (hmm i have the german version it shows “authentifizierung” and the waiting animation is shown.

Then i can wait hours and nothing happens. If i do this under a root shell it connects fine.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks for your great forum and the really fast answers

Greetings from Cottbus, Germany !

sounds strage?! where did you get the spark debian package?

spark works as intended using ubuntu. all i did was:

  1. Download Spark 2.6.0 Linux -> tar.gz file (from

  2. unpack files using tar xvf spark_2_6_0.tar.gz in terminal

  3. cd Spark/

4 **./Spark **