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Spark on Linux/PowerPC


I tried to use Spark on my Linux/PowerPC, but it failed. It seems I could login, but the roster was empty, most of the menu didn work (was empty) and I didn’‘t was online or visible for other and didn’'t receive messages. But If I misstyped my password, a correct “wrong password” error was displayed…



you could try to empty the plugins directory, this should disable Jingle. But I assume that you still have the problem with the tray icon.


yes, you are right:

Exception in thread “Thread-3” java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: tray (/home/prometoys/Spark/lib/linux/libtray.so: ELF file data encoding not big-endian)

I tried to compile JDIC, but I wasn’‘t successful. You need Gecko SDK, but this seems only for i686 available. All my attemps to build it failed. I would love to develop a plugin for Spark, but if I couldn run it, it’'s useless and impossible.