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Spark on TerminalServer, stop logs, or change log folder

We have added a plug-in to Spark, to use it internally in our company.

Most users will use it as an client applications, installed on their computers (XPPro)

But, we have to support using the solution from a Terminal Server too ( e.g. logon from home).

In our company, the settings on the Terminal Server, prohibit any writing to any folder below the “program files”.

So, I know Spark is writing some logs…

So I have 3 questions:

  1. Can I configure Spark not to write to the logs

  2. or Can I configure Spark to write to another place (like DocumentsAndSettings\ApplicationData\ - where it should have been?)

  3. is there more files than the logs, the Spark writes to during running ?


Per Kåre Foss

Statoil ASA