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Spark on Win 2000 & CPU usage

Hi All

I work for an International charity and am based in their UK office. We have been trialling the spark client with a few key users, as we would like to utilise the pc-to-pc calling feature. However we have come across the following 2 issues and i wondered if anyone on this forum may be able to help.

  1. Spark does sometimes use a lot of CPU capacity of the PC. I usually find that this happens, when it is used after a long period of idle time.

  2. Problems with PC-to-PC VoIP connection, on a Windows 2000 PC. It works first time, but not on any further re-tries. A re-install allows it to work the first time again, but fails on second connection.

We are using the latest open source version of the openfire server. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.



Hi Uzma,

I had exactly the same problem on Win2000 for the VoIP connexion and solved it by upgrading to WinXP.

You should try the red5 plugin it might help (works better on my side than PC-to-PC connections)

Good luck

Thanks for your feedback Ben, but we do still have many pcs on windows 2000.

Although I am interested to find out more about the red5 plugin…do you ahve any details?