Spark/Openfire - search service and transfer files issues

We have a strange problem.

Recently migrated the operating system to Windows 10, the openfire to 4.0 and the spark for 2.7.5

Right now we have issues with the search service (don’t work) and transfer files between computers (very slower)

Anyone with this problem ?

I am also having the same problem.

Openfire Version: 4.0.1

Search works fine for me in Spark 2.7.5 (Openfire 4.0.1). Either on Windows 7 or Windows 10. Make sure you have Search installed on Openfire. If not, install it. If it is not available on the plugins list, download it manually from Ignite Realtime: Openfire Plugins and install via Upload menu.

I can’t test file transfers in a real environment. Don’t have Windows 10 machines. In virtual environment both Win7 and Windows 10 get around 1.2 MB/s speed of receiving a file (from physical Windows 7). Virtual WinXP machine gets a considerably higher speed, but it uses different virtual network adapter. So this might be the cause of different speeds. I will try to test this next week in our network (with Windows 7 only).

I have tested file transfer with Spark 2.7.5 in real environment (100 Mbit network).

Win7 to Win7 6-8 MB/s

Win7 to Win10 7-8 MB/s

Win10 to Win7 11 MB/s

I don’t have two PCs with Win10 to test the speed between Win10 only, but so far it looks ok.

We did some tests and came to the conclusion that the problem is in version 4.x

We roolback to the version 3.X with a backup of the server and everythiing returned running smoothly again

Do you have Proxy service enabled in Admin Console > Server Settings > File Transfer Settings? I have this disabled, so my clients are doing file transfers directly (the quickest way).

tested it both ways, the behavior is the same