Spark, opening account based on windows user


Im currently evaluating wildfire and spark to be used as our IM system. Though we have several users that shares the same computer as it is now they have to manualy switch user when Spark is opened. This leads to that they do not login to the system but just close the program. What im looking for if there is a way to store the login info in the users folder aka document and settings/user so that each user gets there own settings loaded when they login to windows. Or is there some other way to solve this.

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Hi Peter,

That is exactly how Spark stores the settings (document and settings/user/spark) directory. This should work fine for your instance.



I had spark version 1.4 and I had to autostart in windows XP and it took the last user that had used it. I havent tested with the latest spark version (doing it now) but do hope it works

Thanks for the answer and I will report back if it works like I hope and you said it should.


I upgraded spark v 1.4 to 2.0.2 for my users. It looks lke it works though I had to install it for the second user as well. The first user has rights to install program and the second one is local admin of the computer. Dont know if this has something to do that I had to reinstall the Spark 2.0.2

But it looks like it works thanks for the help

hi there…i’'m totally a green to Spark…need to know how to create an account…and what server should i put there? the only thing i can access is using Gmail server for Gtalk…wow! totally a dim-wit am i…need help from you guys out there…and how , if i want to login to all IM that i have? thanks in advance…

Have you taken into consideration redirected folders? We are seeing issues now where the spark data is in
server\desktopshare\spark not c:\documents and settings\username\application data\spark which is where it should be stored.

Is this a problem? or is it my set up.

Can we log-in to spark messenger 5.7 using the existing username and password here? It doesn’t accept my username and password here in ignite realtime. If the username and password is different from spark messenger, how do I create a new account in Spark Messenger 5.7? Im an new user of spark messenger 5.7. Pls help.

Can i ask why you’re using Spark 2.5.7? Already there’s Spark 2.6.0 BETA 1 and soon to be released Spark 2.6.0 BETA 2, You may want to try upgrading to see if this fixes your problem.

Because when I tried to download spark the only versions avail is 2.5.7 and 2.5.8. Since you told me to download 2.6.0 Beta released, I did download it but still the same problem. Is it possible to use the same username and password here in igniterealtime with spark 2.6.0? Or do I have to create a new one with diff username and password? Pls reply… thanks!