Spark - OS X - Spark folder created in wrong place


We would like to deploy Spark 2.5.8 to our Mac OS X users but the users Spark configuration folder is being created in the users home folder. Apart from causing clutter there’s a risk the user could simply delete the folder along with the configuration. Ideally, we would like it to be created in the Application Support folder but we’re stuck as to how to make that happen.

If we simply try to move the folder and run Spark it recreates the folder exactly where it was, very annoying.

So at the moment, Spark currently creates it in the ‘Spark’ folder in /Users/username/Spark

We would prefer that folder was created under /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Spark

Can anyone help on how we can change the location of the folder to where we would prefer it to be?

Thanks all.

trunk\src\java\org\jivesoftware\ @ line 60

private static final String USER_SPARK_HOME = System.getenv(“APPDATA”) != null

&& !System.getenv(“APPDATA”).equals("") ? System.getenv(“APPDATA”)

  • “/” + getUserConf() : System.getProperties().getProperty(


  • “/” + getUserConf();


**if **System.getenv(“APPDATA”) != null && !System.getenv(“APPDATA”).equals("")


System.getenv(“APPDATA”)+ “/” + getUserConf() // Windows path


System.getProperties().getProperty(“user.home”) + “/” + getUserConf(); // Linux/mac path

@line 382

private static String getUserConf() {

if (isLinux()) {

return “.Spark”; //.Spark is a hidden folder on linux systems


return “Spark”;


apart from that you should probably consider using adium for now if your users are using 10.6.x or 10.7beta since

Apple decided to remove the JavaCocoa Bridge, the Java QTBridge and some additionall features are not supported on 64bit 10.6 and 10.7

ill be working on osx10.6 support once spark2.6.0rc2 is out