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Spark, p2p voice chat, and NAT traversal configuration


A requirement of our roll out of an IM/voice chat solution is peer-to-peer voice chat.

I am interested in allowing peer-to-peer voice chat between Spark clients that exist behind a firewall NAT (possibly double NAT).

How do I configure the Spark client(s) to allow for direct peer-to-peer voice chats?

I am aware that if a direct connection from peer-to-peer fails, that Spark then looks to the media proxy (in my case an OpenFire server), to facilitate the connection. My question is, what roll does the media proxy play? Does it maintain the connection (as a true proxy)? Or does it simply facilitate the connection through to the clients?

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I’ve been working on the same problem. I’m using the Red5 plugin so that I can also support video. My understanding is that so far it isn’t doing peer to peer. The builtin voice chat I believe does peer to peer via the proxy. In my case there are 3 VPN connected networks and I don’t want to route voice/video chat via the the 3rd/server network as it will quickly eat the bandwith.

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