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Spark - People Search - Change view Itens


I need to change the return from search from spark, when a search on AD/LDAP directory.

Today, on people search windows (below), return only the JID and EMAIL address, but, i like to add another column like: DisplayName, Surname, etc…

Its possible ? If yes, how ?

Thanks for helping me…


I think this might require changing the Search plugin for Openfire (as this is where Spark gets results from). Though i’m not sure how and if it is possible for Search plugin to get all you need. Spark’s part is here Spark/UserSearchResults.java at master · igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub It’s how it gets columns from Search plugin. Search plugin is only giving Spark 4 columns (JID, Username, Name, Email). Not sure about LDAP, not using it. Maybe it gives less results for LDAP.