Spark phone can't register


maybe you cold help me with the following problem:

I have an openfire server with sip-plugin, connected to an external sip service, test is green so the profile seems to work.

When spark ist started, there appears a message above the contact list “starting phone…” and nothing happens.

In the openfire admin interface the status of the user in the phone mappings is “Registering”.

Nothing happens, i can’t see any error in the logs.

Do you have any hint how i get this to work?

Kind regards, Peter.

We are having the same problem. In Spark, it says “Starting Phone” then it says “Failed to Start Phone”. We have SIP Phone and Red5 plugins installed on Openfire 3.5.1.

When you go to server setting >> Phone >> SIP Mapping. It says “RegisteredFailed”. Asterisk server is connect to openfire as I see the green icon.

Any suggestions?