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Spark Phone Client and No Audio

Spark 2.5.8 full msi on WinXPP SP3 with Phone Client 1.0

Openfire 3.6.3 on CentOS4.7

Asterisk 1.4

Not getting any audio whatsoever from the Spark Phone Client. The SIP settings in Openfire all look okay and pass the connect test. The client successfully connects and registers with Asterisk server okay. Dialing internal and external works okay. Answer and hangup work okay. Just no sound.

The Asterisk server is located on same LAN as Openfire server (192.168.1.x). Hardphones all work fine. External ports are mapped appropriately. The eyeBeam or Xlite softphone works perfectly with full audio on the same PC being tested using the same Asterisk SIP account. Local Windows firewall is disabled. Tried with and without STUN settings on the Openfire server. No errors reported in the Asterisk CLI monitor.

We do also run the Asterisk-IM plugin in Openfire, and it works flawlessly with the Spark clients. We’ve been running a VoIP/SIP setup for years with hard and soft phones. Spark Phone Client just isn’t working in our environment. Would love to have Spark phone clients working so as to avoid yet another software installation on workstations. Where do we begin with this?


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What codec do you allow in your sip.conf?

sparkphone only support ulaw,gsm

Upgraded to Spark version 2.6.0 beta2 and all is well now.

hi, can you tell me how to setup openfire with SIP phone? thanks!