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Spark Plugin showing so slow

Hi I made plugins for my spark and all my plugins are slowing so slowly…I want it to show immediately when the Spark’s mainwindow shows up. And I’ve been searching the Internet for solutions still can’t find anyway to improve it…Anyone could give me advice or show me a link in regards to this problem, Please thank u

By the way Do u know any other group, which are oriented in Spark+Openfire development and people can have instant chat,instant sharing together? I’m desperately to know.

I’m not a developer, but as far as i know, plugins has to load slower, so Spark main GUI would load. If plugins initialiaze before the main GUI it may cause problems. I know that some plugins were made to load a few seconds after the main GUI.

Worth noting that plugins are loaded synchonously one at a time, meaning a plugin blocks all other plugins until it is fully loaded. So if there is a plugin that has a lot of startup tasks, it can cause others to be delayed.