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Spark Preferences Location

Where does Spark 2.5.8 Windows store the preferences you set? I couldn’t find a corresponding registry key, is it in a file somewhere in the Spark Program folder?

Also, I could not get SSO to work. I followed all the steps in all the documentation and read all the user posts and no help. It does work however if you login once succesfully and select Save Password, Then if you logout and then select to use SSO it will then work. this is without following any setup steps for SSO. Is this because its just using the cached save password and not really using the logged on creds?

I am running Openfire 3.6.3 LDAP Bind to Windows Server 2008 AD Domain.



The spark preferences are located in each users profile folder in a sub folder Spark, in a file spark.properties.

If you saved the password it is using that not SSO. SSO is not an exact science. Each windows setup has different issues that need to be overcome.

I can’t find spark.properties or a Spark folder anywhere in the entire Documents and Settings Folders? Can you provide the whole path?

Nevermind, found it. My bad.

It looks like everyone has issues with SSO. I guess I’ll just drop it and make everyone login, its taken up WAY too much of my time anyway. Sucks though, I would had really liked to use it.