Spark Problem - Message Not Showing on Receipt

For a couple of my users, when they receive a message it shows the notification, that they received a message, but the message itself isn’t displayed in the window. If they close the window, then double-click on the person who sent them the IM, it will show - but only then.

Any ideas what may be causing this or how to fix it?



we have a similar problem on desktops with no admin rights after an installation of Spark via software distribution. Please check the logs on c:\program files\spark and c:\documents and settings\your.username\spark\log and post them in the forum.

Please check the folder Spark inside document and settings. The folder Spark should contain a sub folder \xtra\emoticons. You should find a couple of ZIP files in there and all of those ZIP should be available as folders of their own e.g. should also exist as folder sparkEmoticonSet.

If this is not the case, you may delete the folder Spark within documents and settings and restart the Spark.exe. The folder Spark inside documents and settings will be created and you should be able to log on to your server.



I have found that this is caused by using the flawed spark 2.5.8 msi installer that includes the jre. This can be resolved by using the latest beta build of spark and removing the spark folder from the users windows profile. You can also try reinstalling spark 2.5.8 using the exe file without the jre (the online version). This has shown to have some degree of success.

Maybe it’s an issue with JRE? I can’t find a way to check what version of Java is in Spark bundled with jre. Maybe it should be updated. Openfire still uses 1.6.0_03 though there is 1.6.0_10 for quite long time.