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Spark.properties overwriting problem


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Openfire 4.5.2
Spark Client 2_8_3

I install the client remotely and copy spark.properties with my settings. For example:
When I start Client it is OK - settings works and Advanced menu is not showing. But when I close Spark or logout from it - this settings are reloaded and I have:

Can I change it somehow? I thought about making the file read-only, but after that how user will set his login to remember?

Seems like all options are holding and the problem concerns only settings for the client login screen - ccAdvancedConfig, ccInvisibleLogin, ccAnonymousLogin, ccAccountsReg, autoLoginEnabled.

These settings are from Client Control plugin (hence the cc in the beginning of names). The easiest way would be to install Client Control plugin on Openfire server and disable these setting in there.

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WOW man, that was so easy and so briliant! :smiley:
I am very grateful and I am going to watch other plugins :smiley:

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