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Spark Reconnect in Taskbar

I will often leave Spark running hidden away in my taskbar as I go about my day. Something that annoys me though, is that after I wake my laptop from sleep, Spark decides to make an appearance to tell me it’s reconnecting…

I’d like to see in a future release that Spark remain hidden or minimized, and go about it’s reconnecting business silently, invisibly. Because 99% of the time I know exactly why it lost connection, and it’s a trivial matter such as computer sleep/hibernate or a subway tunnel, not some massive server failure I might want to know about .

You can try the latest nightly build http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/SPARK-INSTALL4J/JOB1/build-604/Install 4j/spark_2_6_3_12555.exe

Or wait for 2.7.0 release, but i can’t say when or whether it be released.

Then in Preferences > Appearance set “Specify reconnection display” to Display in contact group or display as icon. These options provide silent reconnect.