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Spark + Red5 Unusuable on OSX?

So…I’ve spent the last week trying to test out Spark with OpenFire, as “certifying” only one client for the employees at my company would be the easiest for me (thanks to the client management plugin). Anyway, I’ve done nothing but consistenly fail.

As far as I can tell Spark is unusuable on an update OSX platform because the JDIC portion of the code does not work with a 64-bit JVM.

10.5.5+ specifies that the new 64-bit JVM is the default, however this crashes Spark.

Now this can be changed within the Java Preferences utility…however…

The Spark Red5 plugin requires the 1.6 JVM.

So this is a crazy Catch-22…does nobody see a problem with this?

Is there any workaround? Anything at all to get Spark + Red5 working on OSX?

Or do I just have to scratch using Spark and Openfire and go with some other platform that supports voice, video, and screensharing, with cross platform support, if such a product even exists?

I hear ya… I’m having the same trouble.

Works fine when I use Parallels and Windows… but there is no way that is scalable.

Same as what’s posted here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/188188