Spark Search


I am using openifre 3.5.2 and spark 2.5.8

In Spark how can i get user status using search plugin.

ex:Currently Spark search supports only 4 fields(jid,name,nickname,email) but i want to get the user status also .

Status is not a searchable field via the search plugin. The Presence Service Plugin will allow you to see the presence of any user if allowed to do so.

Thanks for giving reply

can u tell me how can i get that.

In the admin site for openfire goto the plugins page then click available plugins. Look for presence and click the plus sign to install. Once installed it resides under the server settings.

But i want to get the user status in spark end.(i.e search fields)

EX: when i searched the users in that pop up it only iwant to get the user status that is my actival requirement

I do not believe that is possible. That is not a searchable field to the best of my knowledge. Maybe you want to use a shared group with the users in it. This will populate to the rosters of the members of the group. Then the status will always be available in the roster.