Spark sees other users of my server offline

Hello all,

First, I’'ll try to have a good english

I have Wildfire 3 on my lan (a computer as server for website, Jabber, mail) and I have a problem with Spark.

Spark sees other user of this server offline on my lan or on the net (with

For users on another server there is no problem, they are online.

Where could come this problem from?

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Nancy Boy,

So you have one server on your lan and Spark cannot see any of their presences? What server is Spark able to see the precenses from?



I am having the same issue as Nancyboy.

I have a user that can apparently log onto spark, but everyone on her list is offline or she doesn’'t have a list that appears.

Anymore input on this would be great, as I need this resolved.


I have seen this issue as well… but not with Wildfire. I have this problem using EjabberD and padion/trillian/gaim…etc

They can logon…

they can send messages…

but they are shown as offline and others show up as offline in their roster.

I have also had this happening occasionally as of late…

It only has happened since turning on LDAP authentication, and simply getting the affected user to log out & back in seems to solve the problem in the short term.

The user can log in… everyone appears as offline to them… and they appear as offline to everyone else… But I log into the server console and can see they are actually connected.

I have a support ticket lodged with Jive about this (running Wildfire Enterprise 3.0.1)