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Spark sends multiple files in offline mode while just one was supposed to deliver

Dear people of the community,

In the previous days I have been testing the function to send messages while users are offline. That works correctly but sending files is having a weird problem.
When I send with USER1 (online) a file towards USER2 (offline) and USER2 logs in, a dialog pops up with the annoucement there were files sent. But the problem is: I get the file 4 times! So I can download the file 4 times while the sender (USER1) just sent the file one time.

Does anyone know what causes this?

Thanks for reporting. Don’t know what is causing it, but i have filed this as SPARK-2021

Thanks Wroot.
I forgot to include some screenshots of the problem.

When both users are online, everything is allright:

This happen when he (admin2) went offline and come back:

Yes, i saw this in my testing environment.

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Not happening anymore in 2.9.3 version.

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