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Spark Server Administration

New to the forum.
I have few questions.

  1. Is there a way for me to install and use Spark on my Iphone. I know android works but never tried for apple?
  2. Also, I want to allow users to ONLY create users and groups and ONLY be able to work there and they cannot mess any server settings. There is only administrative or user access? Is there a way I can allow a user to be admin but only to create and manipulate users and groups?

Thank you so much all.

  1. Explanation: there is no Spark for mobile check Mobile clients part. Xmpp is not very popular on iOS.
  2. Regular users can’t changr server settings. They can create they own groups and add users, but that would only be saved locally on their client. There is no role based administration capabilities in Openfire (if you use it for the server). So either full admin or nothing.