Spark server unable to reach from different subnet

Hi Everyone,.

We have our spark server in the subnet and we have multiples sites connected via MPLS with routes being advertised and received via BGP. I installed spark client in our subnet and it was working for a few months and suddenly the remote clients (from subnet) are unable to see the spark server. From the remote site, I can ping any servers in the network except the spark server. DNS is resolving fine with other servers. I was reading this thread (Installed Openfire on RedHat Server - Spark Client can’t find server ) but I don’t have the directory listed in my spark server. I will reboot the spark server this weekend to see if that will fix the issue but I was wondering if anyone is having the same problem. Thanks!

my guess, someone changed your default gateway on your openfire server or the subnet mask is wrong. either way, I would start with the server and look at its network configuration.

No, nothing’s changed from the spark server ever since it was brought online 6 months ago.

your issue is specific to the server/server os, and not a spark/openfire issue. could be a switch issue as well, but unlikely since its accessible from the same subnet. this sounds like a routing issue or a misconfigured network interface.


I logged back in to spark server and to my surprise there’s another NIC that got attached to my spark server VM (I forgot to mention that on my initial post). The other NIC picked up and IP address and I reconfigured my DHCP reservation and DNS and its all good now. Thanks for pointing me to the right direction.

You may ask why not assign a static IP front the spark server NIC, I tried but I’m unable to ping/resolve once the IP settings are configured. For now, I will leave it as is. Again, thanks for the prompt reply.