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Spark session stuck after click the red cross

Hi All,

Just setup a openfire serve for internal spark communication, everything seems perfect until these day.

We have mac & win7 system running spark client, and this problem happens to both system.

On my win7, sometimes when I click the red cross to temp close the spark, there’s still spark icon running in the task bar, then double click it to re-show the interface, this is good status. Sometimes the task bar icon can’t be found, but spark still running in task manager, then I can not use spark until close the session in task manager, then start it again to use.

On my mac, when I click the red cross for temp close spark, the program will be stuck and cannot be start until force quite then re-login, which is the similar status to my win7.

What make me confused is some of our users, with win7 or mac, they can minimum the program and call it back anytime with just click the program on the task bar, no problem at all.

Maybe it’s hard to understand my situation, please just go to the attached picture to see detail.

Thank you.

Maybe it is interferring with some other software on your PC (compare it with other PC, where Spark works fine). Though i don’t see any antivirus icon in you screenshot. Though it may not be an antivirus, maybe some other Java application.