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Spark settings

Hi all is there a way to have standard settings for spark e.g when a new user logs in they can pull a particular settings from the server? it would be nice if it can be done instead of having to set each user settings for the e.g notify when a users goes offline, notify when a user comes online etc.


Spark user’s profile is stored in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Spark (will change to C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Spark in newest versions). User’s settings are in spark.properties file. You can set your options with one user, then take his spark.properties file, remove values of username and password entries and then you can distribute this file into other users profiles. And they would only have to enter their credentials once on the first login, they will have same settings as the first user.

Thanks for the info I would just change the file to read only for that user so they can’t change the settings Thanks so much.

If you are using Active Directory you can use a login script to create/replace the file at each login. Therefore any settings changes would be wiped out.

That sounds great but we have some managers the travel alot so they wouln’t be under that login scripts, we can just have the settings saved on the server Thanks for the infomation I will be roling out spark this week thanks for everything and thanks to this great forum for all the help.