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Spark settings

Hi All,

I have two things that I need spark to do if possible:

  1. If a computer reboots for whatever reason, I need the status of the user to stay the same as it was before reboot, as well as the custom message to stay in place.

  2. Is there any way to remove some of the default status messages?


  1. Not possible.

  2. What exactly do you want to remove? Online, Away, DND?

is there any program that will keep the status after a reboot? That is sort of a deal breaker for what I need. I know Office Lync or OCS wont even do it.

I’d like to have online, away only nothing else.

There is no option or program for this. And you also can’t remove those default statuses.

HI Wr00t,

I have small query here with respect to Lync and Spark.

Recently we have integrated LYNC with OPENFIRE and observed that the presence information is not flowing properly for all the users.

Let’s say there are 3 users (A,B & C) from openfire (Users database is pulled from microsoft AD). And there are 3 users (X, Y & Z) from LYNC.

SCENARIO 1: user A from Spark chats with user X, user A can see the presence status of User X but, viceversa is not happening.

SCENARIO 2: when user B is chatting with user X, user B can see the presence status of user X and inturn, User X can also see the status of user B.

Can you please help / let me understand what is the problem here.

(Note: In both secenario’s user are able to chat with each other but presence information is not flowing properly).

Let me know, if you need any logs from my end.

Thanks & Regards,

A H V K Mouli

I have no experience with Lync. Can’t help you with that.