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Spark Settings

I have a question about settings for Spark. My users switch computers as we are a 24x7 shop and they usually do not sit at same location on their shift. I have it setup on the server side and it works great. My question is when a new user logs on they have to put the domain in and click on advanced->general and check Accept all certificates. Is there a file that I can edit and place on all systems that would have this checked already and put the domain in? I have turned off all other items on the logon screen but have to leave advanced open.

your quickest method; install a certificate our openfire server from a trusted party thats included with java.

You could also create a custom spark.properties files and deploy it to the users.

As speedy mentioned, you may need some script copying a premade spark.properties file into C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark

You can add domain and AcceptAllCetificates=true to it

Looking at files online for adding certificate it shows server settings -> server certificate where I can import I am running Openfire 4.1.3 and I am looking at TLS/SSL Cert and understanding which ones to look at to update for this. If I look at Manage Store Contents there are certs already there I am guessing from the installation. Do I need to make a self-signed cert and import?

openfire creates a self-signed cert during install. This is why you must check “accept all certs” in spark. This tells spark to accept self signed certs. Creating a new self-signed cert will not resolve your issue, unless you are running your own CA and have imported your root ca into the java cert store used by spark.