Spark should be like AQQ

I like AQQ.

AQQ is beautiful, ergonomic and improved software; but i am trusting Spark unlimited and Spark hasn’t ads.

I belive that Spark should be like AQQ.

I think also about that an easy configurable and improved Voice&Video Chat Feature should come as default with OpenFire and Spark.

And we need so a client also on Android.

After these Openfire&Spark will excellent solution for everybody.

Especially for Companies…


Spark will never look like and never will have as many features as the commercial products. It’s an open source product, which currently has no active developers and only get patches occasionally. There will never be Spark for Android, because Spark is just too heavy for mobile, there is no point porting it to mobile. So it has to be a completely new client. Video and Voice is a complex feature and can’t be done without developers either.