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Spark show Chinese in garbage characters on login window(登录界面乱码)

Window 7 Home Chinese version.
Spark 2.8.3

I want to experience the working of Openfire and Spark, but Spark did not show me human language. what can I do?
Hope someone do me a favour.


What do you mean by garbage characters. I don’t understand Chinese, so can’t tell if something is wrong. In your screenshot it shows something that looks like Chinese, but i might be wrong. Translations are provided by volunteer contributors.

Sorry for the confussion. I am sure it’s not a translation error.
The ‘garbage’ means showed characters are nothing of language, not Chinese, not Japanese, not… any. It’s of none languages. But it shows.
There must be something wrong. I am still learning Openfire. Not so easy without the Spark.
Window 7 Home Chinese version.
Spark 2.8.3

Well, for me on Windows 7/10 it shows up like in your Normal screenshot when i choose first Chinese (i suppose) translation. Not sure what is happening in your system.

Thanks any way. I just changed to use English. bugs in my system surely.