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Spark ''Skinning'' Feature Requests

1 - In Spark skinning, How about an option to populate the Help-> About box with some custom text ?

I’'d like to include internal support contact information in it.

2 - How about setting and locking the user preferences (To ensure the look/feel/behavior is the same across the enterprise) Ideally each option would have a configuration setting in the skinning service for ‘‘Enabled’’/Disabled/NotControlled. (where not controlled allows the user to choose/change the setting. Behavior similar to Group Policies in WinAD)

3- (Less of a skinning request, more of a generic spark request) How about the ability to search contact history on the client/spark side. As it is now, i have to select all and copy to notepad to Control-F/Find what I’'m looking for. Native support would be ideal.


Bit of a bump for this…

Custom text & defualt/locked user preferences would be handy for me also…

Currently I use a customised install script to copy a pre-configured xml file to all user profiles on each PC.