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Spark Skinning: Quiet Install, Launch on Startup

I like the Spark Skinning options, and want to use it for creating a package for deploying company-wide

Does anyone know a way to

  1. make the install quiet

  2. Automatically set the “Launch on Startup” option

Don’'t really know how you could make a silent install… But would definately be interested in that also…

I have a batch file that:

-copy’'s a preconfigured sound-settings.xml & spark.properties to the default user profile

-copy’'s the files to all current user profiles (with the help of a program my ex-workmate wrote)

-fires off the spark installer… you manually click next, next etc…

-then writes an entry to the registry to create a Spark startup item for all users (the launch on startup option only effects the current user, this way it sets it for all users)

Also, since our users have restricted access on the PC’'s, we then manually set folder permission on the spark install to give all users full permissions (so it can unpack the plugins).

This is for WinXP Pro.


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