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Spark Skinning

Hi All,

I have just had a play around with the Spark Skinning site, as it appears to be updated to version 2.5.3 of Spark.

There is a new option on there for setting up a icon to be used on the task bar & in the system tray… What colour needs to be used to have transparancy on this?

And how do I revert back to the standard image for this?

Also, it is labeled as version 2.5.3… But once installed, if i click help it then says its version 2.5.4…




Have noticed the site & file now contains the correct version number… However, i still cannot get rid of the icon… Have clicked the ‘‘clear’’ button & saved the build, but its still there on new downloads…



Hey Jason,

This is a bug, thank you for finding this. It is now in the process of being fixed.



Thanks Will!

Think I have found another problem…

The skinned client i’‘m using at the moment doesn’‘t appear to be using AntiAliased fonts like the regular Spark 2.5.4 client does… Not a big deal, just doesn’'t look as pretty heh


when using the skinned client with the servername greyed out, if I enter a wrong password it pops back to the login box and the server name is no longer greyed out and can be changed. Is that just me?

Yep i get that also… Not that big a deal, as i’‘m pretty sure it’'ll still say the correct name next time its opened if somebody does edit it by accident (or on purpose), but yeh, still probably a bug.



Has the website been updated to fix the bug where the ‘‘clear’’ button is not working for the ‘‘application image’’?

Still doesn’'t appear to be working for me…