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Spark Smilie Sets

hi guys,

are there more smilie sets to download for spark?

thanks in advance for your answer.


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There were some users creating their own sets in the past, but there is nothing available to download at this page.

hi wroot,

thanks again for your answer.

i look that intergratet smilies and its not hard to create a own smilie set.



There is one more thing. Probably there is a bug with animated gifs in Spark. Someone has created skype smileys pack for Spark and those smileys were hogging my CPU about 50% (dual core).

I have created an emoicons pack.

I would like to know how can I update spark clients from my company with this new pack? Is there a way to place the pack in Openfire and when Spark checks for update to find it and place it in the right folder or it should be created a new Spark version?

I have attached the emoticon pack; if you like it…
Custom.adiumemoticonset.zip (71852 Bytes)

Emoticons cant be deployed via Openfire. You can create your own Spark version with that emoticon included. As well you can just drop zip package into every clients C:\Program Files\Spark\xtra\emoticons or place the unpacked folder into every clients C:\Documents and Settings\user\Spark\xtra\emoticons. Your emoticons set is available as Custom.

Yes, I saw the location an I made it work on my PC and on one of my coworkers, but we have 100 PCs…

If I place the emoticon pack in Openfire it will be installed in the right place?

Thanks for the quick answer…

Best regards

No, you can’t install emoticons through the Openfire. You (or your IT administrator) can distribute it to all users folders with logon scripts.

thanks for this smilie pack und thx also for the info to roll-out this for all users.



Thank you Wroot

I managed to create an installer for custom emoticons and a whiteboard plugin found here on forums…

If you find usefull, you can find it here
SparkCustomFiles.exe.zip (584681 Bytes)